Weekly and Daily Tickets

Tournament tickets can be purchased at the Tournament Entrance Gate.

Kids 17 & Under are FREE!!

Weekly Grounds Ticket $25.00
Provides access to the tournament grounds any and all days between Monday, August 28th through Sunday, September 3rd, 2016.

Daily Grounds Ticket $10.00
Provides access to the tournament grounds for day of purchase. Daily Ground Tickets are only available at the Tournament Entrance Gate, August 28th – September 3rd, 2016.

The purchase of tickets and other corporate entertainment at the Portland Classic may be eligible for a full 100% business entertainment deduction. However, Portland Classic Weekly Tickets have a fair market value of $25 each and Daily Tickets have a fair market value of $10 each, so such purchases may not be qualified as charitable contributions.

Free Admission to Regence Members!
Calling all golf fans! Regence is offering free admission to the LPGA Portland Classic August 28 – September 3. Instead of buying a ticket, your pass to the action is your member ID card. Come out one day or come enjoy every day, just remember to bring your ID card. If you lost your member ID card or left it at home, no worries. It’s with you wherever you go by logging into through your smartphone or, by downloading the Regence app for iPhone. Just sign in with you existing Regence account or create a new account from the app. After you view your card on the app the first time, it’s stored so that you can access it even when you’re not connected. We look forward to seeing you there.